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Get rid of white spot on screen

When looking closer, they appear as there are extreme light emitted from that parts only. There are 4 such spots on screen Are they repairable? What should i do? I have lenovo G Laptop. Why be born again when you can just grow up? So, something that lies behind the pixel plates has to do with it.

Lets see what others have to say Why be born again when you can just grow up? Net Forums General Hardware General. White Spot On Laptop Screen.

Just this morning i noticed there are white spots on my Laptop LCD, they were not there last night when i was playing games. Thanks for the reply. Try gently rubbing the affected area of one of the spots using a soft cloth. Try connecting an external monitor to see if the issue is with the Graphics chip, or the screen itself. Any guide disassembling the LCD? How did you arrive at that conclusion.

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So unless you use a different monitor it could still be the video hardware. Start a discussion.

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Ask Your Question. Tip : Use Question Form such as " Why? Thousands of users waiting to help! Do you think Raspberry Pis can help with the ventilator shortage? Yes No I don't know.

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Net and its accuracy.Visit our Blog to catch up on the latest Community news, tips for your Samsung products and much more! The Future changes shape! Meet the new Samsung smartphone! About 6 months I noticed that there were a couple of purple patches on the screen.

They are very noticeable with pale or white backgrounds especially adverts which often have a lot of white on the screen. Over the past 6 months they have become more noticeable.

When a normal picture is on screen they distort the colour quite a lot. Worse on lighter colours than darker ones.

get rid of white spot on screen

The rest of the screen is fine but of course it is annoying to have these colour distortions on the screen.

Can you tell me if there is anything I can do or is the TV on the way out? What is the expected lifetime of these TV sets? Not sure if there is any warranty over the year on these TVs. Do the patches show up in the Picture Test? Say "Hello! Yes, It was when I did the self diagnosis and it got to the greyscale screen that I noticed that there are more "lighter" patches that I didn't notice when watching the normal TV programs.

You can find your nearest one here. Interestingly I've just noticed the same thing, and on a 40" LED smart tv of the same age! I also have a 55" curved tv in my living room, which isn't used as much, I haven't noticed any blotches on it yet, but I'm beginning to wonder if they'll appear in the future!

I'm not best pleased. These were bought with some of my retirement pension money, I expected them to last at least as long as me! I'd be interested to know what happened when you spoke to the service centre. I'd also be interested to know if we've just been unlucky, or are there others out there! I didn't take it to a service centre or ontact them.

I contacted a local TV repairer and he said to replace the panel would cost the same as buying a second hand TV the same as mine so I didn't bother. Like everything these days they aren't really made to last anymore than a certain lifetime.Sometimes ago i noticed that little white spot one to two appeared on my laptop screen.

Those spots only visible on bright colors like white and blue color. After i saw on community and i follows i upadate both nvidia and intel graphics driver still problem remain my laptop still in warrenty so what shoul i do? Go to Solution. View solution in original post. It depends on the cause - if it's a screen going bad, the number of spots will likely continue to increase. If it's pressure damage such as from putting the system into a tight case with other itemsyou can invest in a padded case to reduce the pressure on the system.

Once again thanks for ur quick responses. The laptop is on service center now. Thanks for ur quick response thats why j bought dell instead of HP. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Nick chauhan 1 Copper.

White spot on screen. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Accepted Solutions. RE: White spot on screen. That means the screen needs to be replaced. Contact Dell to arrange a warranty replacement of the screen. Run the built-in self test hold D through powerup. Do the faults show? Yes that spots showed on white blue and pink screen not on purple and red.

Dell Support Resources. Related Topics. White spots on screen laptop. Dell Inspiron laptop white spot on screen. Round white spot on screen.Having purchased a heavily discounted HP laptop at an office supply store, I didn't notice that there were two white spots on the LCD display.

get rid of white spot on screen

One is more noticeable than the other. Can I fix this problem myself without returning the laptop? I didn't buy the store's warranty and am hoping to avoid them completely. You can try pressing the screen over the white spots gently a few times. Sometimes this will correct the bad pixels, but it could also make it worse. Many computer stores won't help you if you have bad pixels on the monitor. Their position is that such pixels are "unavoidable," which isn't actually true, but most people aren't willing to sue them over it.

No, There is no way to do that, Thats probably why the price was so low Get a new laptop Or Just return it.

get rid of white spot on screen

If you still have the recipt, if you agreed to do something where you cant get out of it. Sell the laptop on ebay. When you do that, take the money then buy a new laptop if you want a big screened,Fast,Liable Laptop, get the toshiba satitlite. As a previous poster said, if the video reveal is less than assure, attempt to get it replaced less than assure. If the video reveal is old, and the lifeless parts aren't any further suitable, then promote it off for low-priced and get a sparkling one.

Michael C. Answer Save. Techwing Lv 7. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane. The computer has a regular LCD screen. It is about one inch diameter bright stationary spot, through which images can be seen as usual. When the monitor is off, there is no spot. I guess it appeared because the screen was affected by the lamp heat. Is the monitor matte of glossy finish?

How To Fix Backlight (White Dot) On Lcd Led Tv LG 42 LB 650V

Outside layer is intact. Something is damaged inside. You will probably need to replace it or live with it that way.

White Spot On Laptop Screen

Wait in case others have suggestions to try though. That sometimes will fix a dead pixel. Different than heat I know, but a white circle, my problem slowly dissolved away over months and now it looks normal again.

So maybe there is hope. To err is human but to really screw things up, you need a computer! My 5-year-old Dell monitor got a very small yellowish spot in the area around one pixel a couple of years ago.

I just tried rubbing it as OtheHill suggested, and the spot vanished! My monitor is perfect again!!! What a nice surprise! Net Forums General Hardware General. The white illuminating spot appeared on the Asus computer screen as a result from table lamp several minute lighting.

Is it possible to eliminate the white spot from the screen? Is this a touch screen or a regular LCD? A white spot like a pin head size? If so then it probably is a bad pixel.

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A large area that might have been effected by a lamp close to the screen would be something bad and probably not repairable.

Is the spot there when the monitor is off? Is the spot stationary when objects on the screen move past it? Can things images be seen through the spot? Thanks to both of you for the replies. Is the finish on the monitor surface visibly different when viewing at an angle when off?

get rid of white spot on screen

It is matte. It sounds like internal damage from heat to me. You could try gently rubbing the affected area while running. I had a drop of water get in the corner, ran down the inside of the screen to the bottom where it made a white 2 inch circle.

Thanks to all of you. Start a discussion. Ask Your Question.I need to know. There is a white rectangle on the screen of my laptop and it cant be deleted or drag away.

If I double click or right click nothing happens. What could this be. Please help. Does the cursor disappear when you mouse over that white rectangle, or can you still see it?

What happens if you open an application? Does the problem show up on an external monitor assuming a notebook or a different monitor for a desktop? Chisale, welcome to the community forums. Always best to give as much information as possible, otherwise replies tend to request more info. If it is then try the following. Click OK twice.

I hope that white rectangle is clearly defined. The last time I saw a white rectangle on an Inspiron display, it was bad news. The rectangle was a broken display caused when a small Bible was placed against the top of the laptop while being transported in a soft nylon carrying case. My pc was fine last night and I have been using it frequently.

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Today I opened it and there is a tall solid white rectangle in the top left corner with black smudge at the bottom of it. My curser is hidden behind it. It does display normal on the television when I hook up with hdmi cable. I am guessing that the screen is irrepairable since it looks fine on the tv and not on notebook. It appears to be an issue with the LCD. If using a Dell laptop, you may follow the steps below to run self test on LCD :. If the black patch is visible during the self test as well, then it points towards a hardware failure and the LCD might need a replacement.

Please check the LCD screen for any accidental damages. Please post a picture if possible.

Blank white screen appearing can't get rid of it

I have a similar problem. Small white rectangle top left of desktop. Sits pixels down and pixels from the left. RGB colours areCant click or double click it.Though some people might dub them "hot spots," the blemishes and glowing blobs that appear on your brand-new 4K smart TV's screen are not nearly as fun as a hip new nightlife locale. No matter whether you call them spots, clouds or discolorations — or if you call them just plain annoying — these LCD flaws occur for a variety of different reasons, which call for an equal variety of solutions.

So put down that remote and get to solving in time for your Netflix binge. If you've got something on your flat panel LCD that looks like a "hot spot" — a faintly glowing, white emission from the edge of the screen — there's a good chance you're dealing with backlight bleed. Also known as flashlighting or clouding, this occurs when there's too much pressure between the panel or frame and the backlight that illuminates the display, creating a warping effect. The solution is to get rid of that pressure.

Turn off and unplug your TV and cover your work space — in this case, the floor or a large, flat table — with a clean, soft towel or blanket. Lie the TV face-down on the work surface and very slightly loosen the screws on the back of the panel with a screwdriver.

A half-turn counterclockwise is all you need here, and no more. If the spots persist, rub the areas where they occur in a circular motion with a clean microfiber cloth, applying just enough pressure to warp the screen's reflection only slightly.

For extra insurance, leave the TV off for a day to allow the screen to settle before powering it back on again. When you've got a yellow spot on your TV screen or a blemish that looks vaguely blotchy or cloudy, it's possible your LCD just needs a good cleaning. For best results, turn the TV off so that it displays a blank screen — that way, you can see the surface you're cleaning.

Use a clean, dry and non-abrasive percent cotton cloth, avoiding any sort of liquids, chemicals or cleaners, which may worsen the issue or even damage your screen. Firmly wipe the whole surface of the LCD with upward strokes, then flip your cloth and move fully across the entire screen in long, horizontal motions.

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You might just be surprised at the picture-blurring dust and grime that's collected on your TV over the years. Once you're done cleaning, turn the TV back on and enjoy the newfound clarity. Got small, bright green pixels on your TV screen?

What about red pixels in dark areas on the TV? Or a tiny, distracting white dot? Bright, lively and distracting as these little specks may be, these bugbears are commonly known as dead pixels.


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